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Looking for mouth-watering ideas of what to make on your Orion Cooker®? Try out one of the recommended treats listed below! Or, if you have a recipe you would like to recommend to other Orion Cooker owners, submit them online to sales@. Marinate chicken in Wickers for 2 hours. Remove chicken from marinade and inject it with more Wickers. Rub outside of chicken with a mixture of honey, salt and pepper. Place the chicken on the poultry stand and place inside the cooker. Then, fire up your Orion Cooker. Cook for 1 hour and 30 minutes, or until done.

Contributor: David Dawkins Fayetteville, NC Ingredients: 3-4 lb Whole Chicken Orion’s Dry Rub Salt Instructions: Take whole chicken out of package. Rinse thoroughly. With cutlery shears, cut whole chicken in half so there will be a breast on each half. Place the two halves in. I did a whole chicken on my Orion cooker today, that came out amazing, of course! But, after I took it off, I had about 3.5 pounds of boneless skinless chicken breast marinating in Dale's Sauce for the grill, so in the interest of not wasting the charcoal, I put the top rack in my cooker and put the breasts on. 09/07/2009 · I cooked a chicken on the Orion cooker, and I'm in total agreement with Conservative09 over the greatness of pecan wood chips as a source of the smoke: sweet and delicious. I did have some more learning experiences, though. The biggest lesson is that, even though the leftover charcoal will burn itself out and thus. 30/05/2012 · COOKED 2 SLABS OF PORK RIBS AND 4 LEG QUARTERS in 1 hour 57 minutes!!! COOKED 2 SLABS OF PORK RIBS AND 4 LEG QUARTERS in 1 hour 57 minutes!!! Skip navigation Sign in. RIBS AND CHICKEN IN THE ORION COOKER. I know a lot of people are leary of cooking chicken breasts on the Big O because of the waste of charcoal but I am here to say it is worth it! My wife had been craving some smoked chicken breasts and salmon. I started by putting salt and pepper on the chicken breasts, 6 in total, could have easily done 9, I used apple wood chips and put apple.

whole chickens AND pieces, whether quarters of individuals. Here's Orion1's cook at the Louisiana Cookout this year., He did wings and had a little roon for my remaining leg quarters. 7 minutes per pound. If you like your wings a little more crispy, you c an let them go 10 more minutes and check again. Funny I didnt red about anyone else doing 3 chickens. It wasnt till they were done that I realize why. It was a challenge getting the one off the bottom rack without burning my arms reaching in that deep. I ended up bending a long ladle to a 90 degree angle into the cavity. It was kind of funny. I got all 3 out whole, they were incredibly moist.

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24/06/2009 · The Orion cooker has become a staple in our household. It uses convection, steam and smoke if desired to cook and flavor our favorite dishes. You might already have a grill or smoker so do we, but the Orion has since become our right hand man outdoor cooking apparatus. It cooks bbq staples in record time and turns briskets into a. The Orion Cooker includes 3 rib hangers to accommodate 6 racks of ribs, 3 cooking grates providing 398 square inches of cooking surface, and a poultry stand and lifting handle which holds a 24 pound Turkey. For my first cook, I decided to do a whole chicken on the poultry stand. Purchase Orion Cooker cooking grates, rib hangers, deep drip pans, grill covers, poultry stands and more. Orion smoker is a great alternative to deep fried tur 6 racks of baby back ribs 1 hr and 15 minutes----fall off the bone.Looks amazing we have brand new line of BBQ sauces and rubs. This looks amazing. I've owned my Orion Cooker for three years now and it is the best outdoor cooker I have ever owned. I have been BBQ'ing since I was a kid. For a 60 year old that's a lot of pits, smokers and any other outdoor cooking contraption that you could ever imagine. I've cooked chicken, ribs, pork roast, beef roast, duck, turkey on the Orion.

06/04/2018 · For one delicious treat- try Cornish game hens cooked and smoked with the Orion Cooker® and Smokinlicious® wood products. Check out our recipe blog g. Contributor: Larry Bradshaw Pontiac, Illinois Ingredients: Caribbean Jerk Shrimp 25-50 Tail-on, Peeled/Deveined Shrimp Colossal or extra large size works best for me 1 bottle of KC Masterpiece Caribbean Jerk Marinade Wood chips Since the shrimp cook fast, mesquite is best to get a real []. Remove chicken from marinade and inject it with more Wickers. Rub outside of chicken with a mixture of honey, salt and pepper. Place the chicken on the poultry stand and place inside the cooker. Then, fire up your Orion Cooker ™. Cook for 1 hour 30 mins, or until done. Use a meat thermometer placed in the middle of the breast to ensure the. What is an Orion Cooker? It’s a stainless steel rig that cooks your food by convection, the heat source doesn’t see the food. The food is placed inside, on racks or hanging from racks, the match-lite charcoal manufacturer’s spec is placed in the tray that surrounds the outside bottom of the cooker and in a little tube pot thing up top.

What others are saying Frustrated by the inconsistencies of the average grill, founder of the Orion Cooker took to creating his own design. The resulting product doesn't only heat food quicker and more evenly, it can also be used as smoker for endless preparation options. Nov 10, 2019 - Want your Orion Cooker chicken darker? Use paprika. Crispier? Rub in olive oil and then season. The Orion Cooker is just as good as your oven at cooking everything from racks of ribs to whole turkeys—you can even add smoke flavor. This is a great "cooker" for large meals, tailgating, and for getting foods cooked quickly a 20-pound turkey will be done in 2 1/2 hours. 24/12/2010 · Apparently the Orion Cooker is no longer made Oh well, gonna have to take better care of mine.LOL Did a turkey for Thanksgiving and it turned out fantastic! Getting ready to do my Christmas Eve standing rib roast. Have never done one but did help a friend do one on his Orion and it was fantastic. Each Orion Cooker comes with: 3 cooking grates so you can smoke your favorite fish or vegetables, 3 rib hangers so you can smoke 6 racks of ribs at 1 time, 1 poultry stand and lifting handle so you can easily and cleanly smoke up to a 20-pound whole chicken or turkey.

Chicken breasts and salmon — orioncooker.

Orion Cooker / 70 Minute Spare Ribs I got the itch to try another cook on the Orion cooker and decided to smoke up a couple of slabs of 2.25 and down St. Louis cut spare ribs on this very unique cooker/smoker. Chicken / Auto Temp Control / CB- 500X 1 Chicken Little / Hasty Bake 1 Christmas Dinner 2. What others are saying cup brown sugar 3 tablespoons chili powder 1 tablespoons paprika 2 teaspoons dry mustard 1 teaspoon salt teaspoon ground black pepper fluid ounce can of beer or root beer use regular 1 pound whole chicken. What others are saying Want your Orion Cooker chicken darker? Use paprika. Rub in olive oil and then season. Orion Cooker/ smoker still hot After cooking 5 slabs of Ribs, I put in of Chicken.

The Orion Cooker comes with some accessories that make your cooking experience smooth. You'll get a poultry stand and a lifting handle, as well as three rib hangers and three cooking grates. The cooker also comes with a cookbook. While this outdoor cooker isn't a traditional turkey fryer, it does a good job making tender, slow-cooked turkey. Orion outdoors Orion Cooker Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Orion outdoors Orion Cooker Manual And Cookbok. The Orion Cooker is as close to a set and forget it cooker as there is! I love to cook out. Whether that be grilling, cooking a stew over a open fire, or doing a little smoking. I have to admit though, I do not have much experience with smoking. Mostly what I have [].

Orion Cookers tailgate photo contest. Orion Cookers. The Orion Cooker is a new, innovative outdoor convection cooker that uses three cooking processes simultaneously: convection, steam and smoke if desired. This cooking process couldn’t be any easier and yields incredible results every time.

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